Gang injunction bars 18 men from parts of Birmingham

West Midlands police secure two-year order aimed at reducing violence between Burger Bar Boys and Johnson Crew

The largest ever gang injunction has been granted, banning 18 men from parts of Birmingham and compelling them to register phones and vehicles with police.

West Midlands police have secured the two-year order against the men, aged 19 to 29, after a spate of firearm offences in the city in 2015 and 2016.

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The US deportation system is verging on lawlessness | Denise Gilman

The Trump administration has adopted measures making a bad situation worse: seeking to deport in large numbers, but without resources for fair hearings

The deportation system verges on lawlessness. The rule of law requires that functioning tribunals arbitrate disputes fairly, efficiently and accurately. The immigration court system, which decides who will be deported and who may remain in the US, fails this test.

Take a recent case handled by the immigration clinic at the University of Texas School of Law. Our client was a radio journalist from Honduras, where speaking out against government misdeeds is very likely to get you killed.

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A country of laws should not allow Kafkaesque immigration court proceedings to decide life and death cases

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UK will keep 'half an eye' on ECJ rulings after Brexit, says justice minister

Dominic Raab’s comment comes on day that policy papers repeat government’s insistence that authority of ECJ ends in March 2019

Justice minister Dominic Raab has conceded the UK would keep “half an eye” on rulings by the European Union’s highest court after Brexit as the government appeared to soften its stance on how heavily the bloc would influence UK law.

However, Raab played down the idea that a government document ruling out the European court of justice holding “direct jurisdiction” on UK matters left room for the ECJ to exercise influence on British law.

The Luxembourg-based ECJ rules on disputes over EU treaties and legislation; cases can be brought by governments, EU institutions, companies or citizens. Leaving the ECJ’s jurisdiction has been one of the government’s requirements for Brexit. See our full Brexit phrasebook.

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Theresa May accused of U-turn over EU court’s role after Brexit

Latest Brexit policy paper leaves open possibility of European court of justice retaining say on UK law

Theresa May was accused of a climbdown over the future sovereignty of British courts after a newly published government paper appeared to leave open the possibility that the European court of justice would influence UK law after Brexit.

The latest of a flurry of Brexit policy papers, due to be published on Wednesday, will repeat the government’s insistence that the “direct jurisdiction” of the Luxembourg-based ECJ must end when Britain leaves the EU in March 2019.

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Don Pollard obituary

Trade unionist and political campaigner who was one of the driving forces behind the Gangmasters (Licensing) Act 2004

The trade unionist and peace activist Don Pollard, who has died aged 80, was one of the driving forces behind the Gangmasters (Licensing) Act 2004, legislation brought in by the British government to curb the exploitation of agricultural and food workers in the UK.

It took the Morecambe Bay tragedy to bring his and fellow union organisers’ efforts to fruition. In 2004, 23 Chinese workers drowned after their gangmasters sent them cockle-picking in lethal tides. Some of the victims had been employed previously on farms in East Anglia, where Pollard had uncovered appalling conditions. His work had laid the ground for a coalition of unions, business, and MPs to push through Labour MP Jim Sheridan’s private member’s bill introducing licensing to the gangmaster sector.

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Bra checks? Football fans are used to being treated like criminals | Amanda Jacks

Invasive security measures at Stevenage FC aren’t surprising. Routine restrictions on fans would cause outrage if imposed on others in society

• Amanda Jacks is the caseworker for the Football Supporters’ Federation

The treatment of female Grimsby Town supporters asked to show their bras at Stevenage FC’s turnstiles last weekend to check whether they were underwired or not, appalled male and female football fans across the country. Stevenage FC issued a defensive statement in response, effectively blaming the reputation of the entire away contingent of Grimsby Town fans for how they were searched and treated by their stewards.

Although I’m shocked by “bra gate”, it’s hardly surprising. I’ve been the caseworker for the Football Supporters’ Federation for 10 years now and am all too aware of how poorly football fans can be treated.

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Man who murdered PC Gordon Semple died by hanging, court hears

Stefano Brizzi was taken off suicide watch at high-security prison a month before his death, pre-inquest review told

A murderer who ate part of his victim’s body and tried to dissolve the rest in acid died by hanging in his cell a few months into his life sentence, a court has heard.

Stefano Brizzi was taken off suicide watch at the high-security Belmarsh prison about a month before his death, a pre-inquest review hearing was told on Tuesday.

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Abducted UK children at greater risk if legal ties cut, Brexit officials say

Appealing to foreign courts for help could become harder if Britain fails to persuade union to continue legal cooperation

Parents in the UK would find it “much more difficult” to recover abducted children if Britain fails to persuade the EU to continue legal cooperation after Brexit, according to government officials detailing their latest plans.

Officials said the process of appealing to foreign courts for help could become much more complicated, when asked about a hypothetical case of a child of a British parent being taken out of the country by a spouse from another member state as an example.

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Mystikal surrenders to authorities over sexual assault charge

Police had issued a warrant for the rapper’s arrest after an alleged attack last October

Rapper Mystikal has surrendered to authorities in the US state of Louisiana, where he faces a sexual assault charge.

A video recorded by KSLA-TV shows the 46-year-old rapper, whose real name is Michael Lawrence Tyler, as he entered the Caddo correctional centre in northwest Louisiana on Monday 21 August. According to Press Association, online booking records also confirm his location.

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